Less complexity, more clarity.

NOTE takes the guesswork out of managing your money.


Don’t mix your money. Just use NOTE and relax.

It’s easy to stay on budget when you use NOTE for your daily expenses.


It’s easy to overspend, so take NOTE of your money.

Did you know that the average American spends $1.33 for every $1.00 earned*? NOTE can help you turn the tide.

* Source: US Census Bureau


Cash: Day-to-Day Expenses

- eating out, groceries, shopping, hobbies, entertainment, or gas


Due: Fixed Costs

- utilities, car payment, rent or mortgage payment


Save: Financial Goals

- paying down credit card debt, saving for retirement and building an emergency fund

with focus.

Money, there’s certainly no shortage of ways to spend it — food, rent, car payments, gym memberships and online impulse buys… With all the noise it gets tough to keep track of it all, let alone stay on a budget.

At NOTE, we look at it this way — break down your finances into three main categories:


Since NOTE is accepted everywhere Visa® is accepted, you can choose to use it anyway you like. But we think it can be best used as a “cash” card for all your day-to-day shopping and other variable expenses. Keep your other accounts for saving and fixed costs, use NOTE on the go.

Take NOTE in

NOTE can think on its feet. Instantly see the impact of a transaction on your budget. NOTE’s technology and proactive approach set it apart from typical debit and credit cards.

Spend smarter.

More than a pretty face — NOTE brings with it award winning technology that helps you budget, track and save on your desktop, tablet and phone.

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NOTEable Features

NOTE Visa® Card

All the power of Visa® with the style and technology of NOTE.

Fraud Protection

NOTE protects your data with patented ToggleGUARD technology and industry security standards.

Easy Budgeting

Stay on top of your finances. See what’s happening with NOTE any moment of the day with MoneyDesktop™.

Real-Time Alerts 1

Get real-time notes on your finances when you use NOTE.

  • Purchase Details
  • Budget Exceeded
  • Low Balance and more…

Remote Deposit 2

Load checks directly onto your NOTE Card with Ingo™. In with a check, on with your life

Nationwide ATM Network

NOTE uses the MoneyPass™ network with tens of thousands of ATMs coast to coast.

Bill Pay 3

The MoneyGram™ bill pay service is an option for billers that don’t accept the NOTE Card.

Use NOTE on the GO

Keep tabs on your spending, budgets and other important financial info from your smartphone or tablet.

Make NOTE Your Own

NOTE can be as unique as you are. Keep it chic in black and white or be bold with a custom color.

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